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Make Protecting Your Credit Your New Year’s Resolution

If you are the victim of identity theft, the road back to restoring your credit can be long and frustrating. If the worst does happen to you, an identity theft attorney in Washington DC can make the process of filing a credit report dispute and restoring your reputation easier. However, you can also take steps to prevent theft before it occurs. Make this year the time you get serious about protecting your credit with these steps.

Identity Theft Attorney in AshburnUpdate Your Passwords
Your passwords are your front line of protection against identity theft. If your passwords are easy to guess, it is time to change them. Stay away from typical password options such as your birthday, your child’s name, or your street address. Instead, create a password that you can remember but others may not

associate with you. Avoid using security questions that others could easily answer, and create a unique password for each one of your accounts so that other accounts are protected if one is compromised.

Consider Online Services
Paper statements from financial companies can make it easy for identity thieves to steal your information. By simply picking up your mail or looking through your discarded paper, someone could gather information about you that lets him or her steal your identity. You can have more protection by utilizing online services for financial transactions. If you must use paper statements, find out when they are usually mailed so you know when to expect them. Also, be sure to use a paper shredder before discarding any financial records.

Check Your Credit Report
Identity theft can occur without you noticing any changes until you apply for credit. Prevent this surprise from happening to you by checking your credit report often. If you do notice discrepancies, contact an identity theft lawyer. An identity theft lawyer can help you navigate the process of disputing false information and correcting damage that has been done to your credit.

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