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Thomas B. Christiano

Experienced Identity Theft Protection from an Experienced Attorney

In 2019, 14.4 million Americans became victims of identity theft, including residents of Fairfax County and the surrounding areas. Cybercriminals have been finding new ways to exploit consumers and steal their personal information. An identity thief may use your personal information to apply for credit, file taxes, receive medical services, or make frivolous purchases in your name. When you’re the victim of identity theft, it can destroy your credit and your finances, leaving you crippled with debt and struggling to find answers. If you’ve recently had your identity stolen and you have inaccurate identity theft accounts on your credit report, then it’s time to contact Thomas B. Christiano for help.

Identity Theft Protection from an Experienced Attorney

Thomas B. Christiano received a B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1993 and a J.D. from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary in 1999. Mr. Christiano has handled numerous consumer protection cases and specializes in cases involving inaccurate credit reporting under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. He has reviewed the credit reporting procedure process from the major credit reporting agencies and the dispute investigation procedures of many banks who have furnished inaccurate credit information. As an experienced credit report lawyer, he can identify the actual damages associated with credit report problems, including emotional distress damages, the loss of employment opportunities, inability to obtain a mortgage, and loss of use of credit., Mr. Christiano also publishes a blog at, which is an excellent informational resource on the subject. Thomas B. Christiano has decades of experience helping clients who have been the victim of credit fraud and identity theft. Discover how he can help you!

Legal Practice Areas

As an experienced attorney with decades of knowledge in the field of inaccurate credit reporting, he can help you in your fight to reclaim what is rightfully yours. Attorney Christiano has litigated credit reporting cases for many years in the Eastern District of Virginia. He has also been admitted to the United States District Courts for both the Eastern and Western Districts of Pennsylvania. His practice areas include:

  • Inaccurate Credit Reporting
  • Identify Theft on Credit Reports
  • False and Misleading Background Checks
  • Improper Credit Denials
  • Inaccurate Tennant Screening reports
  • Misleading and Inaccurate bankruptcy information

Award-Winning Attorney

In 2020, Thomas B. Christiano was recognized as one of America’s Most Honored Lawyers by the American Registry. The American Registry is a national program that recognizes professionals across several industries for their excellence in serving their clients. He is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. When your financial future is at stake, you know that you can trust Thomas B. Christiano and his experienced legal team to represent you. Together, we will help you retake your identity and recover any lost damages to you. Contact us today to learn more.

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