Employment Background Check Discrepancies

Our attorneys are keenly aware of how the inaccurate compilation and dissemination of your personal information can create chaos in your life.

Abusive Debt Collectors

Are you a victim of identity theft that is being harassed by creditors or debt collectors as a result of the identity theft? Put a stop on the accusations and take back control of your life.

Discovered that you may be an identity theft victim?

Our experienced consumer protection attorneys can assist you or your loved ones in disputing the erroneous information and thereafter taking appropriate legal action to clear your good name and credit!

Results-Based Consumer Protection Representation

Our areas of practice include: identity theft, habitual credit report problems, abusive debt collectors, and background and employment credit report problems.

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Credit Report & Identity Theft Lawyers

Identity Theft & Credit Dispute Lawyers with more than four decades of combined experience

When you’ve become the victim of identity theft or inaccurate credit reports in Northern Virginia, it can ruin your future. It can become incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain lines of credit, including a new credit card, car, or mortgage loan. This can be especially devastating if you’ve been very responsible and ethical with your finances. At Blankingship & Christiano P.C., our credit report dispute attorneys and identity theft lawyers have more than four decades of combined experience to help you with your credit troubles and fight on your behalf. Give us a call at (571) 313-0412 to learn how our credit lawyers can help you end your credit reporting nightmare.

Our credit report lawyers have set ourselves apart from other legal firms with our:

  • Skills, experience, and success in multiple Fair Credit Reporting Act cases
  • Extensive knowledge of consumer’s rights in related matters
  • Familiarity of the credit reporting agencies and furnishers’ operations
  • Understanding of the financial harm caused by identity theft and false credit reports
  • Awards and nominations, including Virginia Super Lawyers and D.C. Super Lawyers

Helping Clients to Clear False Credit Information

If your credit report contains erroneous and harmful information, we may be able to help you to clear your name. Our firm has decades of experience assisting consumers. Our credit report attorneys specialize in assisting consumers with problems involving inaccurate credit reporting and take the proper legal actions to restore your good name. There are actions that you may be able to take on your own, but without the knowledge and experience that a legal firm has, it may not be as effective.

Our practice areas include:

When you choose to have us represent you, our consumer protection attorneys will dedicate themselves to helping you resolve your current problem. Although we are not a credit repair organization, our credit lawyers can assist you in the disputing process and taking aggressive legal action if necessary. Our credit attorneys can also help you with identity theft cases. Please contact us by calling (571) 313-0412 today to speak to our northern Virginia identity theft lawyers directly!

Why Choose Us

  • Seasoned Litigators with Proven Success in Multiple Fair Credit Reporting Act Cases
  • Skilled in Identifying Qualified Cases
  • Highly Knowledgeable of Consumer's Rights in Matters Related to Inaccurate Credit Reporting
  • Extensive Understanding of the Financial Harm Caused by Credit Reporting Errors and Identity Theft
  • In-Depth Knowledge of the Credit Reporting Agencies and Furnishers Operations