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5 Stars

Hugo and Tom gave me a voice

I hired Hugo and Tom after discovering a major U.S. company had supplied inaccurate, negative information about me to the three main credit reporting agencies. I tried unsuccessfully several times to navigate a massive bureaucracy and fix this error myself. Hugo and Tom are adept at confronting these companies and holding them responsible. The inaccurate information was removed from my credit reports quickly. Due to the skill of Hugo and Tom, I received monetary settlements far beyond what I had imagined. Perhaps most importantly, Hugo and Tom gave me a voice. I was not able to stand up to these companies on my own. Hugo and Tom fought for me. I will be forever grateful.

— Dawn S.

5 Stars

The Blankingship & Christiano Firm took the fight to court…

Interfacing with the major national credit reporting bureaus, and the large financial institutions that report credit activity, is an uphill battle for the consumer. Even with the disputing processes the credit reporting bureaus provide, the burden of proof falls upon the little person who tires without results and just gives up, living a life with bad information on their credit report. After being ignored by other law firms, I found Tom and Hugo. They took the time to actually listen to my story, understand the crying frustration of trying to reason and deal with the credit reporting bureaus, and told me I did have options. The Blankingship & Christiano Firm took the fight to court, and their in-depth knowledge of federal consumer protection laws got results. Tom and Hugo have the attention of the credit industry, and their firm gets results - and finds justice - for their clients.

— Paul C.

5 Stars

I always felt confident my law firm knew what they were…

When I was involved in a serious automobile accident, I quickly became overwhelmed by my injuries and medical bills. The insurance companies were not easy to work with, and would not give me any useful information. I hired Blankingship & Christiano to help me with my personal injuries. When first meeting Hugo and Tom, I was immediately put at ease. They were personable, intelligent, forthright, and knowledgeable in all manners to help me with my personal injuries, and immediately jumped in to begin dealing with the insurance companies on my behalf. I always felt confident my law firm knew what they were doing, kept me involved in my case, and assisted me with the options for a plan of action. They always kept my best interests in mind. Blankingship & Christiano helped me to understand my legal rights. They and their staff were always friendly and patient with any questions or issues I encountered, and ultimately helped me receive a settlement for more than I ever expected to receive. I am very grateful for all of the work put in by Hugo and Tom on my behalf during one of the most difficult periods in my life.

— B.T.

5 Stars

The right team to get the job done!

As a result of an inaccurately reported credit card account on my credit reports, I was denied employment and a security clearance. I tried multiple times to get the item removed from my credit report by contacting each of the three credit bureaus and credit card company numerous times without success. Figuring big agencies/companies always won, I did not have much hope this would be resolved and had no idea what to do next. I could not have been more wrong! After doing considerable research and meeting with three law firms, I chose Blankingship & Christiano. When I first met with Tom, he was direct, set realistic expectations, explained a potentially lengthy process, provided estimated costs/settlements, possible outcomes, and made no guarantees. Over the next year, Hugo and Tom pursued all legal options and to my delight exceeding all my expectations, the item was removed from all three credit reporting agencies! I am sure there are attorneys that can make unrealistic promises (I met with some of them) but if you want results, Hugo and Tom are the lawyers you want on your side!

— Jay A.

5 Stars

I am so grateful for all they have done for me!

When I initially contacted Blankingship and Christiano, I was in danger of losing my job and security clearance due to gross errors on my credit reports. I was frightened and stressed, but after the consultation with Hugo and Tom, I knew I was in good hands. They are exceptional attorneys, skilled in their field and men of integrity. My trust was well placed with them. They were in contact with me through every step of the legal process, explaining everything thoroughly to me, and always available via phone or email to address my questions and concerns. Their positive results were more than I could have hoped for, and they not only saved my job and security clearance, they restored my good name and credit status. I am so grateful for all they have done for me!

— R.

5 Stars

The best attorneys I have ever worked with

First, let me start off by saying Hugo Blankingship and Tom Christiano have been a Blessing to me and my family. Prior to contacting them, I was having major issues disputing inaccurate information on my credit report. One was with a credit bureau and two were major companies that were way out of my lead. Let me just say, they have no problem taking on Fortune 500 Corporations and making them aware of violating consumer Reports and I mean no problem. (They are just that good). One night after being so tired of fighting with credit bureaus, calling companies, and spending countless hours defending my name I decided enough was enough. I grab my computer in search for an attorney that was going to understand my needs, as well as the pain my wife and I, were going through. Blankingship and Christiano P.C. were on the second page of my google search. I remember calling at 9 pm that night and leaving a message describing the pain and agony I was going through dealing with these horrible companies and Credit Bureaus. The very next morning I receive a callback. They made an appointment for me to come in the same week and explain to them what I was going through. All I can say is they made me feel right at home. I mean seriously these have to be the two easiest guys to talk to. They really treat their clients like family. I can't even express how much we appreciate them. Evening reaching out to them was a breeze. Both Tom and Hugo had no problems giving me a status update anytime I called, if they were not available there paralegal Camille had no problems keeping me informed and passing along my message, it was just such a great feeling. To sum this all up. The only thing my wife and I wanted was for my name to be clear and to purchase our 1st home to start a new chapter in life. With Hugo and Tom not only did they make that happen? They also made sure all 3 of my reports with each credit bureau were clear. (How’s that for client satisfaction) I can honestly say I don’t see to many other Lawyers doing that. (Just my 2 sense) Not only did my wife and I Purchase our first home with my new and improved credit report. We are able to purchase our dream home with every option we wanted. Blankingship and Christiano P.C. have exceeded our expectations. They delivered everything they said they would Plus more and I mean really more. If I could rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 they would be a perfect 10. It’s Just that simple there is no other way to put it. If you are looking for attorneys that will have your best interest at heart give them a call. I promise they will treat you just like family if not even better.

— Maurice T.

5 Stars

Contacting them is when everything changed for the better…

I tried for many years to resolve credit fraud issues to no avail. Everything I attempted failed, and I was often sent in circles. I felt hopeless and believed there was no resolution for me. As a final attempt to clear the credit fraud, I contacted Hugo and Tom. Contacting them is when everything changed for the better and I began to have hope. They were like angels for me; they were kind, knowledgeable and the epitome of professionalism. They addressed all of my concerns and kept me up to date on the process of clearing the credit fraud. Hugo and Tom fought for my rights with such tenacity and passion that I knew they cared about my situation the same as me. I could always call them with a question or concern and receive a timely response. On top of all of these wonderful things, Hugo and Tom were able to resolve my credit fraud. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Blankingship and Christiano without any hesitation or reservation. Hugo and Tom are wonderful and I know they will work tirelessly for all of their clients. They are truly a pleasure!!

— T.

5 Stars

Excellent attorneys that exceeded my expectations!

Hugo and Tom are wonderful attorneys and people. They resolved credit fraud issues that were a nightmare to me for many years. I had attempted several times to fix the fraud to no avail; I felt hopeless and I thought the damage to my credit would last forever. Then I met Hugo and Tom and I began to believe there was hope. I did not know what to expect, but I instantly felt I could trust them to help me. Their dedication to my case was superb. They kept me informed and explained everything to me in detail. I never felt as if I didn't understand any aspect of the process or my case. Hugo and Tom respected all of my requests, fought for my rights, and above all else they were able to negotiate and resolve my fraud problem. I am grateful for all of their hard work and highly recommend them.

— Tarasha P.

5 Stars

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to fight for me

I have never had to hire an attorney before. I felt I was wronged in my situation but wasn't sure I could actually do anything about it. Hugo fights for his clients and if I'm ever in a situation where Hugo is the attorney, he better be mine because the alternative means I'm sure to lose! I wouldn't trust anyone else to fight for me.

— Gabriella C.

5 Stars

Tom and Hugo rectified the situation, and restored my credit…

Prior to meeting with Blankingship and Christiano, I had been living with false debts that were placed in my name by a relative. As a recent college graduate moving to a metropolitan area, identity theft can be a deafening blow when one is trying to secure an apartment, transportation, and employment. It had a tremendously negative impact on myself and my family, and one feels helpless when trying to dispute the matter after numerous times. I was essentially frozen and unable to progress for several years until Tom and Hugo rectified the situation, and restored my credit back to its rightful score.

— Greyson L.

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