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Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies

Nowadays, there is very little that you can do that is not being tracked by someone, potentially impacting your ability to get a job, insurance, and credit. At Blankingship and Christiano P.C., we represent consumers in disputes with the major credit reporting bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – along with nationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies that record specific types of transactions, including:

  • Employment screening. These companies, which include Accurate Background, HireRight, The Work Number, and others provide verification information like credit history, employment, salary, and education and professional license verification to employers.
  • Tenant screening. When you apply to lease a residential property, the landlord or management company uses consumer reporting companies like Experian RentBureau, Real Page Inc., Screening Reports, Inc. to screen your application.
  • Check and bank screening. Banks and credit unions use screeners like ChexSystems, TeleCheck Services, and CrossCheck, Inc. to determine whether or not to offer you a checking account or cash a check.
  • Personal property insurance. When applying for personal property insurance, fact-check the specialty insurance report held by companies such as A-PLUS Property, LexisNexis C.L.U.E, and Insurance Information Exchange.

Many consumers do not realize that with the exception of employment screening, those who use consumer reporting agencies do not have to give advanced warning before they take adverse action based wholly or in part on a negative consumer report. Adverse action notifications are generally provided after the fact, when it’s too late and your loan application has already been rejected or you’ve been denied a lease on a residential property or an automobile. This is why the accuracy and completeness of your consumer reporting data is critical.

Facing Rejection Without Warning? We Can Help

If you are dissatisfied with a company’s investigation of your dispute or believe that your consumer report was used improperly, contact the Virginia & Washington DC fair credit dispute lawyers at Blankingship & Christiano P.C. online or call 571-313-0412. We have the experience and tenacity required to connect with these companies, fix errors, and resolve your problems.

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