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The Blankingship & Christiano Firm took the fight to court…

By Paul C.

Interfacing with the major national credit reporting bureaus, and the large financial institutions that report credit activity, is an uphill battle for the consumer. Even with the disputing processes the credit reporting bureaus provide, the burden of proof falls upon the little person who tires without results and just gives up, living a life with bad information on their credit report.

After being ignored by other law firms, I found Tom and Hugo. They took the time to actually listen to my story, understand the crying frustration of trying to reason and deal with the credit reporting bureaus, and told me I did have options. The Blankingship & Christiano Firm took the fight to court, and their in-depth knowledge of federal consumer protection laws got results. Tom and Hugo have the attention of the credit industry, and their firm gets results – and finds justice – for their clients.

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