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The best attorneys I have ever worked with

By Maurice T.

First, let me start off by saying Hugo Blankingship and Tom Christiano have been a Blessing to me and my family. Prior to contacting them, I was having major issues disputing inaccurate information on my credit report. One was with a credit bureau and two were major companies that were way out of my lead. Let me just say, they have no problem taking on Fortune 500 Corporations and making them aware of violating consumer Reports and I mean no problem. (They are just that good).

One night after being so tired of fighting with credit bureaus, calling companies, and spending countless hours defending my name I decided enough was enough. I grab my computer in search for an attorney that was going to understand my needs, as well as the pain my wife and I, were going through. Blankingship and Christiano P.C. were on the second page of my google search. I remember calling at 9 pm that night and leaving a message describing the pain and agony I was going through dealing with these horrible companies and Credit Bureaus. The very next morning I receive a callback. They made an appointment for me to come in the same week and explain to them what I was going through. All I can say is they made me feel right at home. I mean seriously these have to be the two easiest guys to talk to. They really treat their clients like family. I can’t even express how much we appreciate them. Evening reaching out to them was a breeze. Both Tom and Hugo had no problems giving me a status update anytime I called, if they were not available there paralegal Camille had no problems keeping me informed and passing along my message, it was just such a great feeling.

To sum this all up. The only thing my wife and I wanted was for my name to be clear and to purchase our 1st home to start a new chapter in life. With Hugo and Tom not only did they make that happen? They also made sure all 3 of my reports with each credit bureau were clear. (How’s that for client satisfaction) I can honestly say I don’t see to many other Lawyers doing that. (Just my 2 sense) Not only did my wife and I Purchase our first home with my new and improved credit report. We are able to purchase our dream home with every option we wanted. Blankingship and Christiano P.C. have exceeded our expectations. They delivered everything they said they would Plus more and I mean really more.

If I could rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 they would be a perfect 10. It’s Just that simple there is no other way to put it. If you are looking for attorneys that will have your best interest at heart give them a call. I promise they will treat you just like family if not even better.

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