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Why Don’t On-Line Credit Report Disputes Work?

Online disputes simplify the process for Credit Reporting Agencies

The Credit Reporting Agencies encourage consumers to file their disputes on-line rather than send in written dispute letters because it is far cheaper for them.  When a consumer goes on-line to file their dispute, you do all the work for the CRAs.  You select the type of dispute, you fill in all your identifying information and the CRA does not have to do anything.  Once you complete the process and hit submit, it goes directly to the furnisher and the CRAs don’t have to even touch the dispute.  Furnishers like Discover Card often prefer the on-line disputes as well likely because they can hire less experienced processors to handle them, and the processors can process more disputes per hour because they do not have to take the time to examine the dispute letters or attachments from the consumer.  If you are the victim of identity theft in Virginia, you can be virtually assured that an on-line dispute is not going to fix your credit report, but the CRAs will never tell you that.

Online disputes control and minimize the information submitted

On-line disputes also may limit the quantity of information that a consumer can provide as part of an identity theft dispute.  Often times it can be difficult to obtain a copy of an identity theft police report because of restrictions on the types of information released by the police.  In some instances, the police will not take an identity theft claim because the perpetrator is unknown or the police state there are jurisdictional issues about where the police report should be filed.  While filing a police report to help solve an inaccurate identity theft police report, consumer’s may still dispute the accuracy of the information reported and assert that the inaccurate credit report information should be removed because of identity theft.’

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