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When wallets are lost or stolen, most victims notify their banks and credit card companies right away to prevent identity theft. But sometimes, there is no dramatic purse snatching or pick-pocketing to let them know they were robbed.

This is because ID thieves have many exotic, electronic strategies for stealing credit card numbers by the hundreds or thousands from remote locations and computers. By the time their criminal activities are discovered, considerable financial damage is already done through identity theft fraud.

Understanding Credit Card Skimming

A criminal can purchase a credit card skimming device for about $500. Then, the device may be installed in a gas pump, a restaurant, or a retail store. When you swipe your card at a gas pump, for example, the illegal device will read your information. Alternatively, a waiter at a restaurant may accept your credit card and covertly swipe it in this device. Once the information is stolen, it can be cloned onto a new card and used for fraudulent purchases. Credit report lawyers strongly recommend taking some simple steps to protect yourself from credit card skimming.

Techniques used for identity theft fraud

The following are tricks of the trade ID thieves use to gather stolen credit card information quickly:

  • Skimming: using digital cameras, skimmers, or other devices capable of capturing and recording credit card information. Skimmers also can be false user interfaces placed overtop an ATM keypad or card slot to record and transmit the data without the knowledge of the user.
  • Phishing: Tricking people into responding to an email asking for personal information. People voluntarily provide their personal data because they believe the email is a legitimate inquiry by their bank.
  • Pharming: Instantly redirecting visitors from legitimate commercial websites to counterfeit web pages designed to look and act like the real deal to trick the users into disclosing their credit card information.
  • Carding: Making small online purchases to verify that stolen credit card numbers are still in good standing without raising the suspicion of cardholders or banks.

Protecting Yourself While Making Purchases

Your identity theft lawyer might recommend using cash whenever possible to make purchases. If you must use plastic, use a credit card instead of a debit card or swipe your debit card as a credit card to avoid typing in your PIN. This prevents criminals from using a cloned card at an ATM.

Monitoring Your Credit Activity Credit Card Skimming Attorneys

Consumer law protects individuals who promptly report fraudulent activity. However, if you delay reporting unauthorized purchases, you may be liable for the loss. This means it’s critical to monitor your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and credit reports regularly.

Taking Legal Action

In the event that you do become a victim of credit card skimming, contact a credit lawyer immediately. Your lawyer can help you with notifying the police and obtaining a copy of the police report. He or she can walk you through all the legal steps you need to take, such as completing an identity theft affidavit and submitting it to all appropriate parties.

Legal help if you are an Alexandria ID theft victim

If you find you are an Alexandria identity theft victim, the following are some steps you should take right away:

  • Notify the police and obtain a copy of the report
  • Complete the identity theft affidavit available from the Federal Trade Commission or FTC website
  • Send a completed FTC identity theft affidavit to credit card companies, banks and credit bureaus
  • Put your dispute in writing and submit it to the dispute address for each of the three credit bureaus along with your identity theft affidavir
  • Cancel credit and debit cards related to the theft
  • Ask the credit bureaus to put a fraud alert on your credit file
  • Obtaining the help of an identity theft lawyer in Alexandria

Never pay a disputed charge as it makes it harder to fight additional fraudulent charges resulting from the ID theft in Alexandria. At Blankingship & Christiano, P.C., we are an Alexandria identity theft law firm ready to provide the legal help you need. Although you can dispute a fraudulent charge yourself, a skilled Alexandria identity theft lawyer can advise your about your rights during the process of correcting incorrect credit agencies.

Our identity theft attorneys are knowledgeable about federal and state identity theft laws, and do not hesitate to take aggressive legal action when required.

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