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Identity Fraud Protection for Washington DC, Pennsylvania & Northern VA Residents

Identity theft is a serious crime that affects millions of victims each year. In many cases, individuals don’t realize they are a victim of identity theft until a credit report or loan application reveals a problem. If you have been a victim of identity theft, it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney to clear your name, rather than jumping through hoops with your bank or credit card company to restore your credit on your own. At Blankingship & Christiano, P.C., our Washington DC area identity theft attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients recover from identity fraud and other credit reporting issues quickly and safely.

The Commonwealth of Virginia takes identity theft very seriously. In 1999, Virginia established a Computer Crime Section within the Virginia Office of the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute identity theft crimes committed via computer.

By 2006, there were several state laws including the Identity Theft Protection Act of 2003 to combat phishing, pharming, and other identity theft crimes, and provide stiff penalties for offenders.

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Identity Theft Statistics

Many prominent agencies track the number of identity theft victims and the financial damage of this crime. Their studies and surveys find that identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States.

An Internet search on identity theft turns up many frightening statistics that document that identity theft fraud is in fact a growing national epidemic. Among the more alarming statistics on ID theft in Fairfax are the following:

  • The Virginia Office of the Attorney General reported that in 2008, identity theft complaints made up 26% of all U.S. fraud complaints, and Virginia ranked 22nd in the nation for its number of identity theft victims.

  • The Better Business Bureau said identity theft affected 8.9 million people in 2006.

  • The Federal Trade Commission estimated that 8.3 million adults were identity theft victims in 2005, at a cost of $15.6 billion.

  • The Identity Theft Resource Center estimated that the loss or theft of just one laptop can cost a company $90,000 or more in credit monitoring for victims, public relations damage control as well as class action litigation.

  • A Zogby study said 83% of Americans are worried their personal information will wind up in the hands of a third party.

Know your rights: Beware Fraud Package Document Requests

Many banks and other financial institutions try to place the burden of proof regarding identity theft and fraud on the consumer. However, your consumer rights dictate that your bank must remove fraudulent charges unless they can prove you were responsible for them. In order to protect your rights, never try to handle this burden of proof on your own—instead, contact an experienced Fairfax identity fraud lawyer to help you. Until you have met with your identity theft lawyer, beware requests from any bank or lender for documents used in fraud packages, such as:

  • Any police reports you’ve filed regarding your identity theft.
  • A Federal Trade Commission affidavit.
  • Proof of address.
  • Your current lease agreement.
  • Your most recent utility bills.
  • Your social security number.
  • A copy of your driver’s license.

Most Serious Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft is an umbrella term that covers the theft of personal information including your name, your birthdate, your social security number, your address, your bank account information, and much more. Thieves may have many motives, meaning everyone is a potential target for identity theft, regardless of age or financial status. Our identity theft attorneys at Blankingship & Christiano, P.C. are on your side to help you manage identity theft and its repercussions. Call an identity fraud lawyer today at (571) 313-0412 for more information from a consumer advocate. A criminal defense attorney from Blankingship & Christiano P.C. will help resolve any identity fraud issues that you are facing.

  • Your social security number allows thieves to commit many types of fraud, from stealing insurance and social security benefits to committing tax fraud in your name.

  • Identity theft can result in false arrests and serious charges that can leave you without your freedom for days and affect your career, your insurance benefits, and your social or family life, even if these charges are dropped.

  • Child identity theft is common and can affect the victims for decades after the fact. Even after your name has been cleared, your credit report may still contain evidence of fraud, making it difficult or impossible to obtain a loan or a mortgage.

Why you need an identity theft attorney in Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Statistics also show that a significant percentage of identity theft fraud cases involve close friends or relatives, and victims are reluctant to press charges against their loved ones.

Also at a time when most companies and government offices keep the personal information of millions of people in their databases—and most financial transactions are done electronically—it is extremely difficult to police this sensitive data. In the event of massive data breaches, an identity theft lawyer in Fairfax can sue on behalf of all the victims as part of a class action lawsuit.

At Blankingship & Christiano, P.C., we have lawyers ready to provide the legal help you need for identity theft in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. While you can dispute a fraudulent charge yourself, a skilled identity theft lawyer can ensure that corrections are made to your credit file promptly.

If you are a Fairfax identity theft victim, you are entitled to challenge inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information appearing on your credit report. Our identity theft attorneys are experienced at assisting consumers with inaccurate credit reports and do not hesitate to take aggressive legal action—such as suing the credit bureaus and creditors—to ensure that disputed information is corrected on your credit report in a timely manner.

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