Pittsburg, PA Credit Report & Identity Theft Lawyers

Inaccurate Credit Reports and Identity Theft in Pittsburgh

Pittsburg, PA Credit Report and Identity Theft Lawyers

Inaccurate credit reports can cause significant problems to residents of the Pittsburgh area. Those consumers, who have had their identity stolen or have inaccurate credit reports in Pittsburgh, also have difficulties when they attempt to buy a car or a home, and inaccurate credit reports can result in losing a job offer. Inaccurate credit information can ruin lives, but there are steps you can take to help solve your problems with trusted identity theft attorneys.

If you live in Pittsburgh, Westmoreland County, or other locations in Pennsylvania, and you believe that you have inaccurate information on your credit file, the firm of Blankingship & Christiano, P.C. can help you. To begin the process, you should obtain a copy of credit report, review the credit report for inaccurate information, and mail a written dispute letter to Equifax, TransUnion, and/or Experian that details why information is inaccurate on your credit report. You can always call us at (571) 313-0412 with any questions.

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It you are the victim of identity theft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you should contact your local police department and file a police report. Once you have determined that your identity has been stolen, you should contact Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, the three credit reporting agencies responsible for your credit file and place a fraud alert on your credit file. Obtain your credit report from each credit reporting agency to see if your identity theft has resulted in inaccurate identity theft accounts on your credit report. If you find any incorrect information, send dispute letters detailing exactly what accounts were opened by identity theft and include a copy of your police report. As always, keep a record of anything you receive from these credit reporting agencies.

If you have disputed information on your credit report and the credit reporting agency does not address the issue, you have a right to fight back. The best way to do so is to contact Blankingship & Christiano P.C. by calling our offices at (571) 313-0412.

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