Security Clearance Lawyers

Our security clearance attorneys may be able to clear your name!

When you’re up for a promotion at work or a higher security clearance, it can be quite an exciting opportunity. Unfortunately, due to false information in your credit records and background check, your employers may become concerned. In the case that you find out they denied you for a security clearance due to false information, it would be wise to retain the legal services of our attorneys at Blankingship & Christiano P.C. We have experience navigating these types of cases, having served Prince William County, Northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC Metro area with distinction for years.

There are numerous reasons why you may be denied a security clearance, including information obtained from:

  • Personal and family history records
  • Criminal and law enforcement records
  • Education verification and records
  • Financial and credit records
  • Past employment records
  • Drug and alcohol abuse records

If you believe that you have been denied a security clearance due to erroneous information in your records, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (571) 313-0412!

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