We Resolve ID Theft in Washington, DC-Area

Blankingship & Christiano P.C. offers a valuable service to individuals experiencing ID theft. Washington, DC-area residents whose identity have been stolen suffer wide-ranging consequences as a result of the crime. Here, we hope to educate you about ID theft and how it occurs so you can begin to protect yourself.

What Is ID Theft?

ID theft involves the theft of private data. Criminals target your social security number, taxpayer ID, bank account number, and your date of birth, among other things. They can open lines of credit and purchase goods under your name. Fortunately, Blankingship & Christiano P.C. disputes these credit report errors.

How Does Identity Theft Occur?

Identity thieves steal your personal information, credit card numbers, or other financial information without your knowledge. You probably already know this occurs, yet might not know how to prevent it. You are not alone. According to Javelin, 13.1 million people were victims of identity theft in 2015.

Being educated about the different techniques used for identity theft will help protect you from potential dangers.

What Are the Consequences of ID Theft?

ID thieves open new lines of credit in your name and can steal millions from you. Beyond the financial blowback, most of our clients experience some degree of anxiety and paranoia as a result of the crime. In some cases, victims of ID theft can find themselves the recipient of an arrest warrant for a crime perpetrated by the ID thief.

What Should I Do If I Am a Victim of ID Theft?

Some warning signs include no longer receiving statements from your bank or other financial institutions and unauthorized or unfamiliar charges on your bank account. Once you’ve determined you’re a victim of ID theft in the Washington, DC-area, contact us immediately. We’ll get to work and resolve the credit report errors.

What kind of Identity theft methods are there?

Identity theft methods can range from elementary to technically complex, including:

  • Stealing your wallet and using your credit cards
  • Stealing your credit card mail and requesting a change of address to that of the identity thief
  • Dumpster diving: stealing sensitive mail like convenience checks from your garbage
  • Telemarketing: Using unscrupulous telemarketing schemes that get you to give them your personal information over the phone
  • Skimming: using digital cameras or other devices to capture your credit card information
  • Phishing: Tricking you into entering your personal information under the mistaken belief that you are answering an official email from your bank
  • Pharming: Redirecting you from legitimate commercial websites to counterfeit web pages to trick your into disclosing financial and personal information

Which steps can I take to prevent ID theft?

Elaborate cyber-swindles, like pharming and phishing, can devastate thousands of people at once. Because we are all vulnerable to identity theft, we must take the following kinds of precautions to guard against becoming the next identity theft victim:

  • Do not carry your social security number or print it on checks
  • Shred any credit card mail and preapproved loan offers
  • Order your credit report and review it for accuracy
  • Go online to bank and credit card sites to check that you made all of the charges
  • Do not reply to pop-up or spam messages on your computer or open attachments and downloads
  • Only give personal information over the phone if you initiated the call or can verify that the number calling you is official
  • Know what credit cards and IDs are in your wallet and notify the banks and police right away if your wallet is stolen

What can I do once I find out my identity has been stolen?

Identity theft is a very serious crime that merits decisive action, ideally by an experienced identity theft lawyer. The skilled Reston identity theft attorneys at Blankingship & Christiano, P.C. can provide you with identity theft help in Washington DC from credit report disputes to litigation in Northern Virginia. Each Blankingship & Christiano, P.C. identity theft attorney is knowledgeable about federal and state statutes prohibiting ID theft, and the best legal strategies for resolving even the most complicated cases.

While you can notify the three credit bureaus and banks on your own, when clients bring their issues to our skilled identity theft lawyers, we work hard to do effective damage control and produce satisfactory results.

Contact a skilled ID theft lawyer in Washington DC and surrounding areas

If you are the victim of identity theft fraud in Virginia or Washington, DC, bring your case to identify theft lawyer at Blankingship & Christiano, P.C. Contact us at (571) 313-0412 or online to discuss your case.

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